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Bartender of the Month Mar 2017


Join us Monday March 13th. along with Jessica Smith of Bonnie & Clyde pub and grill. Jessica will join us to mix up her signature cocktail. You can find out more about Jessica and Bonnie & Clyde pub and grill on our show.


Jess’s Signature Cocktails:

Adult Lemonade: Citrus Vodka, Triple Sec, Sugar, Fresh squeezed lemon juice, and water

Jess’s Shine: Peach moonshine, sweet tea and lemonade

Sinfully Delight: Vodka, St.Germain, lime juice and club soda

Southern Bourbon Smash: Bourbon, St.Germain, lemon juice, muddled watermelon and basil

Stop by and visit Jess at Bonnie & Clyde pub and grill for any one of her signature cocktails! Jess currently works Tuesday nights, Thursday days, Saturday nights and Sunday days! When you are there be sure to let her know that you saw her on the Endless Party Radio Show!  


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