Real People, Real Stories, Real Fun! Weekly Wrap Up! 

The Week in Review…

Monday we continued our Elf on the Shelf Contest with our first winner! I explained to Doc what anal bleaching is. Don’t ask how we got on this subject because I really don’t want to remember. I was surprised that he had never heard of this. For those of you who don’t know what anal bleaching is check out the link:

Tuesday Doc decided he would go watch his oldest son Justin hunt. I guess it was a good opportunity for him to see what hunting really looks like. I also took the opportunity to try something I normally don’t do… Cooking. I decided to try my hand at meal prepping. I don’t know what to say other than you just really need to see if for yourself!

Wednesday we learned there is a difference between wet and dry measuring cups. Who knew? We talked about our upcoming virtual ribbon cutting happening on December 15th at the Jim Thorpe Train Station. This got me thinking, what is it called if you have sex on a train? Having sex on a plane makes you a member of the Mile High Club. According to Urban Dictionary if you have sex while riding a train it makes you a member of the Mile Long Club! I’m glad we cleared that up! Also on Wednesday I became the Weenie Queenie of Cindy’s Deli. How did I ever obtain such a position? I asked and they said yes.

Thursday we had some very special guests in the kitchen making their famous Boilo! I have to say that it’s a good day when Michelle (The Doc’s wife) decides to join the show! It’s not very often that she agrees to spend more time than absolutely necessary with Doc and we were grateful! We talked to Eric “Hot Dog Top Dog”, president of the hot dog & sausage council in Washington DC. Yes this council really exists and you wouldn’t believe all the things that they do! Check out their website

Friday was a another Free Ride Friday courtesy of our friends at Kresge Services. We picked our second winner of our Elf on the Shelf Contest. We got to spend the day at Kresge Services office. They fed me, gave Doc booze and we even got to gamble! We had guests from the Carbon County Chamber drop by to say hi and talk about our upcoming ribbon cutting. We even got to help wrap presents for some very well deserving kids. Turn to Us allowed us to be a part of their gift wrapping posse for tonights Christmas Party! It is amazing the work that Alicia does at Turn to Us along with all of the board members. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you put your heart and soul into helping those in need in your own community! We commend her on all of her hard work and look forward to being able to team up in the near future! Remember the reason for the season…


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