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The Week in Review…

This week started out with me being a dog and The Doc crawling up assholes! Hey he’s the one who chose to wear a proctologist jacket. I didn’t have much of a choice when it came to my halloween costume considering the size of me these days. Either way we chose to give everyone a halloween treat and keep the show free that day. Since we kept the show free we got a treat of our own.  Denny Seiwell decided to join the show and call in. If you missed the show it’s one that you really should go back and check out. It’s not everyday that someone like Denny Seiwell calls you up just to chat! Tuesday…. well Tuesdays just aren’t our day! We did learn that when Doc doesn’t keep his mouth shut about his wife’s knee recovery things start to fall from the second story window! Wednesday we continued with our “technical difficulties”. Let’s just say that I find it extremely odd that my phone can use up 98% of the bandwidth of our internet service?!?!?! I may have a lot of shit on my phone but I don’t have 98% worth of shit, that much I do know! Doc was just about ripping his hair out trying to figure out why our service wasn’t working while other people had no issues at all with theirs. Let’s just say once again, the baker’s husband gets the best sweets! Thursday didn’t prove to be any easier on us. Our Internet issues just seem to continue. I still say it’s because the cable guy didn’t like my “The Cable Guy” movie reference. Can someone please find us Chip Douglas and fast!!! Friday has officially become “Fed em Friday”. We have been so fortunate that people keep feeding us on Fridays! We must send out a big thank you to Blended Bakery for the delicious treats. If this keeps up Doc & I will have to continue wearing black on Fridays, seeing as how it makes us both look so much slimmer LOL! Thank you again for your continued support! We are looking forward to the upcoming week and our very first live remote! We are very excited to be taking this shit show on the road!

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