Real People, Real Stories, Real Fun! Weekly Wrap Up! 

The Weekly WrapUp!

Monday we kicked things off by going FREE! Yes that’s right we kept the show free all day on Monday. Did we piss off some of our members? Really the only member bitchin was Barry, so we named him Bitchin Barry! We also talked about some of the things you will learn if and when you decide to actually subscribe to our show. We do offer some sound advice on our show such as; The ridiculous cost of a French Bulldog, is actually justified, when you learn that the male Frenchie has to be stimulated to ejaculate by the hands of a human! Koala bears have chlamydia and have lesbian tendencies. Don’t argue with your wife, dicker! I don’t know about you, but I find this to be pretty informative shit! Tuesday I tried to have fun with the cable guy although he was having no part of it. I mean come on who hasn’t seen “The Cable Guy” movie? If only I could have remembered that Jim Carrey’s character name was Chip Douglas! It would have made that moment so much better. I’m not really sure what happened to Wednesday’s live stream on our Facebook page? I couldn’t find the video and of course being pregnant I can’t remember what the hell we talked about on Wednesday. I do know we gave away free weenies, but that’s because Cindy’s Deli is nice enough to allow us to give them away every Wednesday. Thursdays showed proved to be entertaining. I’m still laughing my ass off replaying the video! Who knew the woman who answers the phone in the State Capital building in North Carolina would be so much fun?! Did you know that butterfingers are the number one candy of North Carolina? Neither did we, and neither did that woman until she was kind enough to take an office poll. Yes you read that correctly, she polled her office and sure enough, six out of the eight people in her office prefer butterfingers over any other candy. We were able to have a lot of fun with that woman! If you missed that show believe me it’s worth it to go back and watch that archive. LOL! Friday we were graced with the presence of our Big Sexy Mother Trucker. The conversations always seem to take a weird twist when we have guests on our show. We did confirm that auto body painters do in fact crave alcohol after being exposed to the paint fumes. I’m no doctor by any means; however a local auto body shop did confirm that half of their staff are painters and half of their staff are alcoholics. You do the math! We hope you all had a safe & happy Halloween Weekend! Looking forward to what this week will bring!

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