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Week in Review…

Monday started out like most Mondays do… slow…! I’m not really sure we discussed anything of much importance. Besides the fact that French Bulldogs are so expensive because they can’t mate in the typical fashion. That’s correct French Bulldogs do not mate in the traditional sense of the word. Unfortunately male Frenchies have to be jerked off and the females have to be artificially inseminated! I bet you will no longer question why they cost so much! Tuesday Doc thought he was dying from a blood clot. Turns out he just has a bakers cyst, which doesn’t make any sense to me since I know he doesn’t bake! Doc ended up cutting out a little early which left me with “The Barb!” Next time Barb graces us on the show we will make sure to line up a few shots of tequila to loosen her up! Wednesday proved to be a shocker to Doc. I’m not sure why he found it so weird that I would be concerned about the day I find out my son is masturbating? Isn’t this the concern of every mother of boys? We need to thank Cindy’s Deli once again for allowing us to give away FREE weenies for Weenie Wednesday! Maybe Weenie Wednesday had something to do with my masturbating concerns! Thursday I learned from a very loyal listener that the solution to my dilemma is lots of tissues and a lined garbage can in Jagger’s room! Note to self! I hope I don’t forget this when he gets to be that age. Doc learned from another loyal listener that what he thought was raw fish was actually just veggies. Seriously who can’t tell the difference between veggies and raw meat?!?!? I feel really bad for his wife! We rounded out the week with an awesome Friday! We were lucky enough to have two wonderful ladies join our show. Not only did they keep us entertained, they baked for us, and as well they attempted a DIY version of shrinky dinks! We found out that the DIY shrinky dinks don’t work out so well. Hey, it was a valiant effort! We were treated like a King & Queen! They gave us tons of great gifts, painted us an awesome picture, and made sure our Friday was kick ass! Why can’t every Friday be like that? Catch you all tomorrow as we begin another crazy week of the Endless Party Radio Show!

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