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Weekly Roundup…

Ok lets see… What have we learned this week? Make sure you pay your taxes and you pay them correctly! If you ever find yourself in a pickle you will have to pay IRS in order to pay them! I know you are wondering what the hell that means. Take it from me it makes no sense but it’s true! Speaking of pickle, you will only find pickle loaf in California at the holidays! I am still trying to figure out what holiday calls for pickle loaf? No one needs pickle loaf at any time of year. We learned that there is a turf war over who holds the title for the Peanut Capital of the World. After being rudely dismissed by Alabama we declared them the NON Peanut Capital of the World, and NOT very friendly! We then continued our search in Georgia where we found some of the most pleasant people EVER! We then declared that they are in fact the Peanut Capital of the World. Way to go Georgia! If you order a vanilla milkshake and it’s yellow do not drink it! I don’t care what Doc says about it being french vanilla, if it’s not white it’s not right! We discovered there are more names then you think for the meat between your buns! Your grinder may be someone else’s hero! Italians have little tongues. I know you’re wondering why does everyone call them Italian Stallions, well it’s because little tongues means linguini! I still don’t understand that one. If you get it maybe you could explain it to me. I still have my whoobie, along with Doc’s wife. What Doc calls his sister is the same thing I call a pacifier! So be careful when talking about shoving a nunner in your kids mouth, you might just be offending Doc’s younger sister. My parents idea of potty training would potentially be considered abuse by todays standards. Hey it works! Doc apparently thinks that because moth balls have balls in the name that they belong in that region of the body! I’m still laughing about that one! The things that man does, or has done will never cease to amaze me! Cheers to the freakin weekend folks!

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