Real People, Real Stories, Real Fun! 

Weekly WrapUp

Well we made it through our first week here at the Endless Party Radio Show! We overcame some technical difficulties the day of our first show. Some of you had issues subscribing this past week but I think we managed to get all of you on board. For those of you who haven’t subscribed yet… What in the hell are you waiting for? We also learned it’s all about The Doc…LOL not really but we will let him think that! We spoke with a few bartenders and heard some of their best bartending stories. Lessons learned; never under estimate a small woman from New York. Never let a woman kiss you after she’s been in the mens room! If you see people kung fu fighting, or at least pretending they know how to kung fu fight please, please for the love of god make them stop before someone breaks a collar bone! We’ve discovered that you will be hard pressed to find salami or ring bologna in the South. However the Jewel’s southern accent is purdy gud! If you have a deceased body in your house the first thing you should do is call 911! It is not ok to let them “lay corpse” in your house. If you are wanting to hear more about any of these stories you are in luck because you can re-watch any of this past weeks shows right here:

Keep in mind that after Monday this show will no longer be live via Facebook. You will have to subscribe in order to listen to the show. You can subscribe by clicking on the link below!


We are looking forward to having you all tune in next week as we do it all over again on the Endless Party Radio Show! Real People, Real Stories, Real Fun! It’s the most amount of fun you can have for $2.50 a week!

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