Real People, Real Stories, Real Fun! Weekly Wrap Up! 

Weekly Wrap Up!

Monday was all about what not to wear… on your feet. We both agreed that socks and sandals is just dumb! One listener did mention she hates it when people wear socks during sex. If you caught the show last week you would know that it’s actually more likely for a woman to orgasm if she wears socks during sex. You might want to re-think your hatred on that one. According to one study guys who wear vans are low maintenance. I say guys who wear vans usually ride a skate board, but that’s just me. Tuesday we learned that the carpet does match the drapes. Just ask a redhead! Apparently after too much vodka redheads start talking like porn stars, or maybe that’s just Heather! We still haven’t figured out who is better at parking, men or woman?! I say women, Doc says men! Wednesday we were live from Kresge Services.  What didn’t we do or discuss Wednesday? We drank, we ate cake, we talked to Shawn from Kresge Services. We talked to Alicia from Turn To Us We talked to Marlyn and Alice from the Chamber of Commerce We talked to Sky from Whitewater Rafting & Skirmish. I wasn’t kidding, we had a fun filled day Wednesday. There was even a dog involved! Thursday started off with laughs.  We called off sick from places we don’t work. I successfully called off of work from a well known establishment in Georgia! If you missed it you can check it out on our youtube channel  I just have to remember to drop off my doctors note! Doc also tried calling in sick, however he wasn’t quite as successful. Doc came up with a new game called “name that crunch”. I’m still waiting to find out what this game is all about. I even told him I have chips. Friday was another Free Ride from the Chamber of Commerce office. We were surprised with a visit from the Mayor of Weatherly. Did you know that Weatherly got it’s name from a guy who scammed them out of a clock? That’s right the town is named after a crook! I have to say we had a blast with Tom! If you missed the show you really must go back and watch it! Nothing like having a guy from New Jersey who used to dress up like a clown and call himself Tickles as your Mayor! On a serious note the Mayor is not only a lot of fun but he has some really awesome ideas. One of which involves cabbage! Make sure you mark your calendars for August 12th.! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I leave you with this, “Monday doesn’t buy class, but if you have class you don’t need money!” See you all Monday morning at 10am!


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