Real People, Real Stories, Real Fun! Weekly Wrap Up! 

Weekly Wrap Up!

Monday I came to the conclusion that Mother Goose is sadistic, twisted, and most likely a swinger! We got more good advice from Mem. If you ever have trouble with someone just grab them by their hair and swing them around a couple times. Tuesday we discovered Doc probably has arthritis. He has swelling of his joints. Only problem is what he wants to swell isn’t actually a joint! Since no one believed Doc’s story as to why women wear hats to the Derby, I did a little research. The Derby is a chance for horse racing fans to mix in some royal style with their southern hospitality. Plus, everything is just more fun if you have a goofy hat on. And that’s just it. In recent years, the hats have become more of a way to show your enthusiasm for the party scene. We also talked about a new strapless bra on the market. We never did find out how it works. Damn earthquake! Wednesday was all about ass clapping, finding out the important part of a cock (aka rooster), chopsticks and a new game called “Name that Crunch”. Thursday was “Just Julie”.  I was left to my own devices. Friday was another free ride and this time we took the term ride literally. We need to thank Fedor’s Carwash, Zimmerman’s Diary, Diggity Dogs, Carbon Search & Settlement and The Corner Store for allowing us to drop by. We plan to do many more free rides live from the car. Have a great weekend. Be safe and if you can’t be safe then name it Gomez. See you all Monday morning.

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