Real People, Real Stories, Real Fun! Weekly Wrap Up! 

Weekly Wrap Up!

Monday morning we discussed what NOT to give away at a nudist camp! I did not wear a big hat for the Kentucky Derby, in fact I didn’t even shower. I learned the difference between a diary farm, a poultry farm and upholstery. If you see someone with their fly down be sure to tell them “I’m not impressed, zip it up!” Tuesday I proved Doc could never be the producer, because he can’t stay quiet long enough. We found out the 8 craziest objects extracted from vaginas and anuses. Wednesday we took it to the streets. We started out at the carwash, literally! We stopped by Zimmerman’s Diary, Heintzelman’s Meat Market,  Lehighton Pool and we even found a guy rubbing one off at Baer Memorial. We then made a quick stop for some lunch and Doc got his “Bobby” fix! We finished up our road trip at Radical Wine Company. Be sure to check them out. Thursday the “Love Doctor” joined the show. Dr. Terri Orbuch joined us to tell our members about her newest venture “How to Find Love in 7 Days”, the science behind finding love. Free Ride Friday we were back at Rambo Ranch drunk baking with Jess! My good friend Jess dropped by to teach me how to bake, as well as drink some wine with me. After the butter mishap and the questionable baking soda we successfully baked snickerdoodle cookies. Be sure to tune in next week for more shenanigans while Doc is on his cruise!

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