Real People, Real Stories, Real Fun! Weekly Wrap Up! 

Weekly Wrap Up!

Well Doc was off basking in the sun sipping on rum & cokes while I was stuck here to do the dirty work. Monday Fran joined the show and we got down and dirty with condoms. A big thanks to One Condoms for the endless supply of condoms to craft with. I tried my hand at a headband however I really should have worked on a floatation device for my dog Hunter! Tuesday was Pallets with Peter of DeWeather. Although I did not sustain any injuries I did get a bit of a burn. The project was a success! Be sure to check out their Facebook page: and remember “Blue Cock Strong” Wednesday Jess and I took a road trip to the Restaurant Store. We learned to always pay attention in parking lots, always go for the unwrapped blacks, and when all else fails point the camera at your crotch! Thursday was a quick look inside of a local flower auction. I feel way more confident for the next time I head out to a flower auction. I will be a lot stronger in my “YUP”! Friday was going to be a vacation day for myself however I felt guilty while blowing up the swan so I decided to go live and tell everyone about the 2018 cruise. Get on the list now because the 2018 cruise is going to be the BIGGEST, the BEST, the BADDEST cruise yet! Catch you all on Monday!

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