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Weekly Wrap-Up!

We kicked off week five with the BEST Columbus Day EVER! Look, I’m not a Koala Bear, so I do not have lesbian tendencies. However, there is nothing better than four women showing up to cook you breakfast! That’s right! Four women showed up to cook Doc and I breakfast, while we filmed our show! I say “filmed,” because when you have people serving you,  it kinda makes you feel like a big shot! The show on Tuesday featured Kussy, who not only showed up with donuts, but also helped coerce our local Pizza Hut into delivering a FREE sausage pizza! Hey, when it’s National Sausage Pizza Day, you need to have yourself a slice!I did learn however, that Dominos does not allow more than 12.5 ounces of sausage per pizza. The guy we spoke with did seem concerned when I said I was going to call corporate! Hey if a girl wants twenty ounces of sausage on her pizza, then you should probably put twenty ounces of sausage on her pizza. Weenie Wednesday we did what we do best! We convinced more businesses to give us free food. The ladies at Cindy’s Deli are so nice, but to give away free weenies to one of our lucky listeners every week! I wonder if they will eventually get tired of our shenanigans? Tell us “no more free weenies! You come back one year!” If you ever find yourself in a situation with a woman whom you discover to have an awful odor down there, don’t worry! Just call your local Walmart pharmacy.  Apparently they will be more then happy to tell you how she can take care of that odor! I never thought I would want to tell someone to be less professional. These women were way too serious for this type of conversation. Honestly, if someone calls you about an awful vaginal odor, please for the love of God, take advantage of that shit! Have some fun with them! We did get one lady to laugh, and once she laughed I lost it! We rounded out the week with Doc trying to prove he’s a real hunter. Dressing like a turtle and scaling a tree does not a hunter make! It was funny to watch and for that, I will let him think he’s a hunter and go home to my own personal Rambo! Have a great weekend folks! I can’t wait to see what next week brings!

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