Real People, Real Stories, Real Fun! Weekly Wrap Up! 

Weekly Wrap Up!

Monday I set a goal of wanting to gain a member from North Dakota. If you know anyone who lives in North Dakota please share this with them. We need them to become a subscriber to this show. Tuesday we made a friend at Krueger Brewing. We talked about the benefits of a cleanse and shitting out an octopus. We chatted with Zach from LA. We tried to figure out what kind of pie was used in American Pie. Wednesday we gave away 2 pairs of LuLaRoe leggings, played mad gab and tried to find out how we can get a bottle of McDonald’s big mac special sauce. Thursday Doc was “sick” so I decided to test out a pinterest diy project. I nailed it and failed it! Friday Doc was still “sick” so I was once again left to my own devices. Half way through the show Bennett decided to help me out a bit. I explained my stupid cupid idea and a listener explained that all men want for Valentine’s Day is for women to arch their back and shut up. Another week of shenanigans in the book. If you missed any of these shows you can always go to the archives. If you would like to join us each and every day from 10am – noon head over to and click on the subscribe button! It’s the most fun you can have for $10.00 a month!

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