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Weekly Wrap Up!

Monday…… I’m not really sure what Monday’s show was all about. Tuesday we established it’s cheaper to become a member of our show than it is to sponsor an Ethiopian child. I squeezed my ass into a pair of jeans for the first time in months! MIT researchers came up with the hardest tongue twister, only it didn’t twist my tongue. We spoke to the nice folks of Punxsutawney PA and began planning our Ground Hogs Day bus trip for 2018. Doc slammed back a couple of shots and told us how he cries at movies. Wednesday we talked to Milla and learned that there are now 56 sizes of condoms! She told us what the biggest and smallest sizes are. Let’s just say I look at our microphones a little differently now! We are hoping to receive a package from Milla this week, which we plan on sharing with our members. Doc learned what a dental dam is. I told him he might be luckier with his wife if he gets her a dental dam. Thursday we contacted a company about the female condom. Turns out there is only one size of female condoms. I was told it will fit all sizes. Don’t worry if it gets stuck apparently your body will remove it all on its own.  I still can’t figure that one out! Friday we were on the road at the Carbon County Chamber of Commerce. It’s always fun hanging out with the Chamber Chicks. We discussed a resident ghost and our live feed kept cutting in an out. Blended Bakery stopped by with some amazing treats which made up for our technical difficulties, at least for me anyway. Nothing like a cookie dough cupcake to start the weekend. Have a great weekend and enjoy the game on Sunday. We will be cheering on the Falcons since our Steelers didn’t make it! Catch you all on Monday! If you haven’t subscribed to the show yet head over to:

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