Real People, Real Stories, Real Fun! Weekly Wrap Up! 

Weekly Wrap Up!

Monday we kicked things off at White Confections – Homemade Candy                   Brigitte welcomed us into her home to teach me how to make candy. As you may or may not know I suck in the kitchen! Needless to say it’s always a funny show when I try to do anything in the kitchen. I have to say I did learn a lot! I learned to never again complain about the price of candy. I learned it’s not ok to lick your fingers when you are making candy. I also learned that streaks in candy much like your underwear are never good! Tuesday was National Pancake Day so in true Endless Party Radio Show fashion we called IHOP to see what their pancake special was. They really do give away free pancakes on National Pancake Day! We discussed the fact that gluten free is NOT a new diet trend. So all of you asshats out there that are claiming you can only eat gluten free because you think its a new fad… I hope someone with celiac disease throat punches you! We coined the new term “Doc’d” and no it does not mean the same thing as docking in the urban dictionary I promise. The Doc claimed he was going to explain cheetos darts. I’m still waiting for that explanation. Wednesday took a unique twist into the world of plastic surgery. Doc prefers real boobs however he will motorboat the shit out of some fake ones. You should never sleep in a bra because it’s not good for you. Why isn’t it good for you? It’s just not! Sleeping naked results in weight loss, or if you are Doc it results in you sleeping alone! Thursday we recognized Barbie’s birthday. Yes the plastic doll. I still want to know if she would be a meat eater. Or would she only eat gluten free? If I got you thinking about meat, Giant has big balls. Did you know that stuffed peppers are actually stuffed with porcupine balls? We wrapped up the week with another Free Ride Friday. We had all intentions on doing the show from Muggles’ Mug  but the snow kept us at Rambo Ranch. Jagger & Blake made guest appearances. We learned the meaning behind “A feather in the hand is better than a bird in the air”. Thank goodness for our listeners who always come through to give us the answers we don’t have. To wrap things up remember folks if you can sell a house you can figure out how to subscribe to our show. To join head over to and click on the subscribe link! We will see you all on Monday for our Bartender of the Month Show. This month Jessica is joining us. I call her “Stormin Norman” so this should be an interesting show!

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