Real People, Real Stories, Real Fun! Weekly Wrap Up! 

Weekly Wrap-up!

This was a week of technical difficulties. Some technical issues were our own fault, like not being able to post Mondays show on Facebook due to copyright infringements. Yes we played a song that was apparently copyrighted, so sue us! No please don’t we will settle for not being able to post it to Facebook.  Doc realized he has a fear of the unknown and this isn’t only dealing with death. He also has some fear  with not knowing how to use the update on his iPhone. We concluded that women always want what they don’t have! If it’s straight we want curly, if it’s curly we want straight, if it’s small we want big, if it’s big…well we might be satisfied,  at least for a little while! This was the first week we took our show on the road. We ventured all the way to the kitchen! We truly are moving on up with this show. However, the saying is true that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Once we moved into the kitchen we had more technical difficulties this time with our computer. Due to the computer issues we were unable to stream our show on the website for two days which also meant no archives for those days. It’s a good thing we also air our show live to Facebook! We discovered they have created a smart drug, however the side effect is that you will become an asshole! Will you take the drug? I’m still deciding… We must thank all of you out there for your phone calls this week. I would like to sincerely apologize to all of you out there that were trying to call into the show but were unable to. Doc never took off the voicemail call forwarding!  I explained to him that when the calls are going straight to voicemail we can’t answer them. To round out the week we were blessed to have Astrologer Ray Sette on Friday’s show. We gained a lot of insight into astrology, as well as getting some personal insight. It was such a pleasure for us to have him touch so many of you through your phone calls! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Remember be kind to one another, we only get one shot at this thing called life!



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