Real People, Real Stories, Real Fun! Weekly Wrap Up! 

Weekly WrapUp!

Monday started off with a bang! Doc literally shot me in the chin with a marshmallow gun. I know I joke about him not really being a hunter, but I had no idea just how bad his aim truly is! Tuesday was the day Doc was called a tool more than once. We proved neither one of us knows much about pc’s, but in my defense I’ve only ever had macs. I don’t have an excuse for Doc, well except maybe for the eggnog he was drinking. Wednesday Frank from Zimmerman’s Diary joined us on the show. The Zimmerman’s iced tea cartons are back out on the shelves so be sure to pick one up today! Take a picture with your iced tea carton and share it to any of our Facebook pages for your chance to win 3 cases of your choice of Zimmerman’s products and a $25.00 gas card Friday December 30th. We learned to never trust golfing with a Ferrey. Especially if they want you to help them find their balls! We also learned where the term Braxton Hicks contractions comes from. Scary part is we weren’t able to get the answer from my Doctor’s office. I did learn that they don’t even know how to spell Braxton Hicks! I may be looking for a new Dr.! Thursday we discovered Vlossaraptors like turtles?!?! We are still trying to figure that one out! We talked about the difference between saying “Are you done yet”? and “You’re done already”? I’m not gonna say which one Doc hears more.  Free Ride Friday we were live from outside the Zoo Health Club to hand out our christmas cards and spread holiday cheer! We had a blast spreading Holiday Cheer and giving away our Christmas Cards to all the unsuspecting victims out doing their last minute shopping. We hope you all enjoyed the weekend and had a wonderful Christmas! We are taking off the next 3 days to relax and spend some time with family & friends. Oh and yes I’m still pregnant.

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