Real People, Real Stories, Real Fun! Weekly Wrap Up! 

Weekly WrapUp!

That’s right, I’m back! We kicked off my comeback on Monday when we discussed my angry vagina, squeezing out a 10lb baby and lactation cookies. Just for the record Doc loved the lactation cookies! He might not be willing to try my breast milk but he did try my lactation cookies without any hesitation. Tuesday we discussed strange products. Did you know they make pubic hair stencils? Well they do and Doc is trying to get his hands on some. Doc claims he wants to get these pubic hair stencils just to feature them on the show, however I think it’s because he wants to give it a whirl. Wednesday we learned “Robosexual” is a real thing. A woman named Lily who lives in France wants to marry her robot?! I think Lily needs to find a friend, either that or a sex toy! We discussed moving our show to Colorado. Who wouldn’t want to work next to a weed shop and VooDoo Donuts?! Thursday we learned Doc apparently has a strange fascination with LuLaRoe leggings. We reached out to a few LuLaRoe consultants and some how decided to have a LuLaRoe Fashion Show! That’s right The Doc and myself will be hosting our very first fashion show! You will not want to miss this show. Friday we had a special guest on our show. Cheryl from Momma C’s Bakery was kind enough to stop by with some amazing baked goods and Steelers donuts. We discovered that our “show” could actually be classified as “Reality Radio”! We invited you to give us a call and leave us a message telling us how you feel about our new president. If you haven’t called yet you still have time. Call us at 484-464-2295 and tell us your thoughts on our new president. We will play back some of your messages live on the show. If you haven’t signed up yet for this “Reality Radio Show” click the following link:


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