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Weekly WrapUp!

In the United States, Easter Monday is not a federal holiday,[11] and is not largely observed. Even so, the day remains informally observed in some areas such as the state of North Dakota. Since I have been wanting a member from North Dakota we decided to recognize Easter Monday. We took the day off in honor of all of our future North Dakota members! Tuesday I had to teach our weather man how to get to our Facebook page and view us. He taught us that winds will keep thunderstorms away. So in the end we were able to teach each other something new. Always remember to learn something new everyday. We wrapped up the day with asking how Easter became the new Christmas?! Wednesday was a potentially moist day. With that being said, we found out a lot of our female listeners do not like the word moist. I assume the reason for not liking the word moist is because it makes you think of a vagina. One listener said he thinks of cake when he hears the word moist. Logical, and much more pc, but somehow that’s still not what comes to mind when I say moist. We discovered Doc is a Dupa and I am a Queen! I’m still trying to figure out who the teacher was that told me if I was her kid she would punch me in the face! Anybody out there know what the Algebra teachers name was? When you need to put life in perspective you call Mem. She told us when you have boys you worry and when you have girls you pray! I’m so glad I had a boy!!! Frank swung by the studio with the first run of the new iced tea cartons with our new logo on the back! Make sure you pick up a Zimmerman’s Iced Tea. Thursday was 420 and our Bartender of the Month with Matt Kusko. Kussy mixed up his signature cocktails. You can find all the recipes here: We learned where the term 420 comes from, always drink a moscow mule from a copper mug, and never shake an eight ball or a baby! Friday was another Free Ride. Basically it was a show about absolutely nothing. Monday Doc is going to tell us what “Getting Waxed” means… I thought it meant getting waxed. Apparently it does not mean getting waxed! You will have to join us Monday to find out what the hell he is talking about. We hope everyone had a great weekend. I will leave you with this…

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