Real People, Real Stories, Real Fun! Weekly Wrap Up! 

Weekly WrapUp!

Monday we discovered that curd made the list of words woman hate, and somehow roast beef did not! Explain that one! Someone should really tell Doc that the nursery rhyme does not say Little Miss Muffet eating her muffin! I’m pretty sure he’s confusing his nursery rhymes with porn titles. FYI Never, and I mean never, youtube expressing dogs anal glands. You’re welcome! Tuesday was National hairstylist day. Doc got a little trim (and I mean little) from his favorite blindfolded hairstylist. I must say it looked pretty damn good considering she was blindfolded. In the end Doc didn’t lose an ear, however he did end up looking like Bill Clinton! Wednesday we talked tupper ware. If your storage containers don’t nest throw them out! Last week we discussed the common words woman hate and the two that men hate. This week we discussed the phrases men hate such as, your brother was better! Men also hate when you tell them to “slow down” or “speed up”! Now it’s up to you whether to use those phrases during sex or driving in a car. I’m still hoping that one day my idea of “Doc Stock and Two Smoking Gerkins” comes to life! One can only hope. Thursday we did the show from our brand new studio. By brand new studio I mean we turned the phones around! Now things aren’t backwards, well we might still appear backwards but it has nothing to do with the phone/camera. The entire show was dedicated to giving you all the deats (that’s right I said deats! It’s the hip new way to say details) on the 2018 Party Cruise! We are heading to Bermuda in May of 2018 and you are all invited! Friday was a Free Ride from Zimmerman’s Diary. I got to meet a true product of the milk man. I’ve decided my new side business is going to be a sick day trading ring! Calling all teachers… get your sick days here! And as always a big thanks to DeWeather for our weekly weather forecasts as well as swinging by to hang with us on Friday! Be sure to check them out and like their page:  Gid Day!




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